SHAPES OF BALKANIZATION - Exhibition at Akademie Schloss Solitude Stuttgart


For the last couple of years, NAO has been looking for positive aspects of Balkanization vis-à-vis unfolding democratic processes and as a source for new architectural strategies. Recently we asked friends and colleagues to share photos from journeys to the cities in the Balkans. The growing collection gathered snapshots of new, often unfinished and unorthodox architecture that is erected across the region, both legal and illegal. Interested in emerging scores of diverse shapes, sometimes iconic, sometimes wild, sometimes repeated, Weiss cut each of them out from the context and saved them as black silhouettes in his database. The exhibit in Solitude exposes a selection of those shapes mixed together with silhouettes of NAO's design projects in the Balkan region: Hotel Normal, Housing for Elderly Socialists, Centre for Recreation and New Media in Serbian cities and towns and Asylum for Domestic Animals to be constructed in a former US Base in Bosnia. The exhibit coincided with the launch of Weiss’ book of essays and projects: Almost Architecture published by Edition Solitude in the summer of 2006. >>
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